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Unequally Yoked

She was everything I needed,

I was everything she wanted,


different end goals,

and yet like a magnet and an iron

we were stuck on to each other,

unequally yoked,

she was so attractive I paid no attention to her character,

I cared for her so much she thought me her dream man,

her unresolved childhood traumas,

my unhealed heart from past hurts,

didn’t make sense now we had each other,

and frankly,

the sex was so good it made us think no one has ever loved the way we do,


we were really pathetic,

and again unequally yoked,

we thought ourselves the best there ever been,

we even put God aside in this moment of “peace”,

what am I saying? I kicked God out of this relationship from the very beginning,

it’s even funnier we both blamed God when our relationship was not what it seemed,

we built this thing on the foundation of sand,

we took our future and placed it in the world’s hands,

how come we never saw this?

you can never know the real effects of alcohol until you’re sober from being drunk,

I can blame the devil all I want but it was I who made us sunk,

with no accountability our dreams were easily shrunk,

without the help of God our love was never alive,

she loved the idea of me and in return I loved her physique more than anything,

how more can I stress we were unequally yoked?

for even though I called myself a Christian,

I worshiped a girl who overthrew Christ on my heart.




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