Elias Kasunga
2 min readSep 23, 2020


(In a four seat car)
I, the driver,
and next to me,
a young, sharp looking fellow,
on the back seat, an old man,
left of him, a middle-aged bachelor.

The young sharp looking fellow said,
Oh, God save the queen!
my country is bloody perfect,
we nearly colonized the whole world,
we were the first to achieve industrialization,
we won not one but two world wars,
bloody hell! Our language serves the world

Laughing at the back seat,
The middle aged bachelor spoke with pride,
You fool!
You wouldn’t have won the world wars without us,
look at us, we rule the world!
we rule the economy,
our every product turns into gold,
movies, music, everything!
we take down terrorists,
and if we go down,
everyone goes down with us,
we are the MEN of the world

At the traffic lights,
I slowed down for the jam,
listening clearly to my company,
the old man looked outside his window,
his face expressed happiness,
and he said,
We have the biggest market of products,
look around, friends, our clothes,
our phones, cars and electronics,
our men travel the entire world,
building magnificent buildings,
perfect government, and limited corruption,
in a short period of fifty years,
my country is the second largest economy!

All the three men laughed together,
and the old man asked me,
What about you, our driver-friend?

I looked at him on the rear-view mirror,
I smiled, and I said,
Hakuna Matata,
I eat, sleep and enjoy my life,
life is too short for me to worry,
there is no hurry in my land aisee!
Lucky for me, friends,
my president is more handsome than all of yours!”
and I’m going to have my seventh child soon!



Elias Kasunga

Writter | Published Poet | Debut poetry book “As I Cry Out to Heaven” currently on Amazon.