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The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Morning

Elias Kasunga
1 min readJan 4, 2022

As far as truth goes

life is unpredictable

and as much as we want control

yesterday cannot be changed

and tomorrow is not ours to promise.

— —


nothing is constant

yesterday’s love is today’s hate

a friend from the past may plot your downfall today

yesterday’s fun is today’s regret

a stranger from the past is now your reason for living


— —

We keep staying in the dark

while we have an option to switch on the light

we want to change our lives

but we keep God far away from us

and even when we invite God into our lives

we tell Him, “Please don’t come too close,

I still want my fun, but I expect you to bless me from time to time.

— —

The darker the night the brighter the morning

it can also mean the darker the past the brighter the future

and God is still in the business of changing your story

changing your graves into gardens

changing your mistakes into victories

if you only invite him in and give him your seat.



Elias Kasunga

Writter | Published Poet | Debut poetry book “As I Cry Out to Heaven” currently on Amazon.