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Psalm 4: Prayer

Dear God,

You care more about what I am than what I do,

may my motives be right and always true,

to please You and not men,

may I strive to hear You say

well done my faithful servant and friend

may I think of the future world more than I care about my current life,

may I really be humble

and not hide my pride in a mask of humility,

may I not care when men laugh at me at the moment when heaven claps for me,

may I be true to You

a real man who always goes over his way to help other men,

may I be grateful,

for the life I have,

for the love I give,

and for the relationships I serve,

may titles never boast my heart,

for it’s better to be a slave in the Kingdom of God over a king in this earth,

the glory of God should be my goal,

and heaven alone should be my home,

so let me live as a tenant in this world

to be a good steward of what I have for everything I have ultimately belongs to God,

may my life testify that God comes first in my heart,

for at the end of every life,

every soul shall go back to the one who came first in the person’s heart.





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