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Look at Us

Elias Kasunga
1 min readJan 4, 2023

Don’t be afraid,
look at me,
look at us,
even though our pasts are against us,
we can choose to heal and advance,
love is a verb — a writer wrote,
so we can still show each other grace
at times our imperfections irritate the both of us,
the guilt,
the shame,
all the hard wired mistakes stored inside our hearts
take up space reserved for our love,
we can’t delete the past,
we can’t go back and mend the times,
and we can’t regret throughout our lives,
for the present is waiting for us,
to either live it or look at it with disgust,
but the future is calling us to hope for the best,
since love is a choice,
the decision to love should be done daily,
and we can’t rely on yesterday’s feeling,
we have never been perfect,
and we should never expect to make each other perfect,
the best people are not the perfect,
the best people are those who try to be better, each waking day.

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Elias Kasunga

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