Elias Kasunga
2 min readOct 4, 2022

even though I don’t know you
yet I know you
before I’ve met you
I have loved you
and before you give me
any reason to smile
I still smile just by thinking about you
I can’t wait
to put the face on the thoughts I have of you
to finally say “aaah, that’s the woman I was praying for
to serve you as Christ served the church
and to love you as a command
not depending on passion as I loved
when I was an immature child

it’s funny to think of the things I write about you
some may say I’m obsessed with you
some may say I think you’re too perfect but that ain’t true
I’m just a man on a godly way
trying to be Christ as best as I can
doing my best to reflect the truth of God
although I know this isn’t common nowadays

the world will laugh at me
(it’s expected)
saying such a love doesn’t exist
(while they’re secretly craving it)
and some may say I’m a hypocrite
(especially those who claim to know me)
but they were not there when I submitted to Christ
they were not present when in tears I repented of my past
no one was there when sin was painfully withdrawing from me
when Christ saw it fit to cleanse me before meeting you
so let them say what they want to say
(for I don’t care)
my only goal is for you to say
after Christ, I am loved by this man

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Elias Kasunga

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