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Is this a Miracle?

Elias Kasunga
2 min readDec 27, 2022

I’ve never lost really,
every moment of my life is either
a win more or a learn more situation,
no second was ever wasted,
no time was taken for granted,
and when God took me in,
He made me His priority in a flash of a second,
all those regrets flashed away,
and all lost moments were subjected to restoration.

what can I say? I am loved by God,
He turned what was evil
into blessings I couldn’t have asked for,
He gave me what I needed long before I knew what I’ll need,
is this what people call a miracle?
to be utter dumbfounded of being peaceful in turmoil?
being calm in battles,
and having all in the midst of nothingness?
is this what people call a miracle?
this mysterious decision of loving another without expecting love in return?
of being kind to another without a single word of gratitude?
is this what people call a miracle?
to be cheered by heavens even when the world is laughing at you,
to be a ridicule of men because God is actually a real friend to you?

can that also be a miracle?
a friend told me,
time is not a matter of how long it takes, how old it gets or how one gets to be on this earth”,
real time, is moments, experiences, all lived through without regrets,
all the while giving your best, yes, even in those silent moments.

so this too is a miracle,
taking a step into the unknown,
hoping for better while living in pain,
yes, this too is a miracle,
having to genuinely work hard at being a good person,
to family, friends and more so to those who’ve wished you bad,
to be a real person,
to those who’ll judge you for past mistakes,
to those whom you’ve loved and cherished,
to be a real person,
to God, to yourself.

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