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A Thousand Words to Say I Love You

Elias Kasunga
2 min readFeb 4, 2023



it’ll reach a day,

and you’ll look at me from across the room,

asking yourself,

why is he still breathing?

I’ll look at you the same


why am I still here? I’m so good at running

and yet we’ll both be here,

choosing to stay.


if only love was just a feeling,

(it would’ve made sense)

if only love came by summoning,

(that would’ve been easy)

but love is no respecter of our feelings,

for true love can only be seen,

when there is no reason for it to stay

other than choosing to stay.


so here are a thousand words I’ll use

to say I love you, I choose you,

I am happy to see you,

I smile, just by thinking of you,

I’m glad you’re here, with me,

thank you for picking up my call, I know it’s not a guarantee,

you light up the room, my darling, when you smile, you light up the room,

I envy those who get to see you, daily,

today was not enough, I want to see you tomorrow, again


I’ll say these words a thousand times,

a thousand times I’ll say these words,

without expecting the same words in return.


Elias Kasunga is a Poet and the Author of the Poetry Book “As I Cry Out to Heaven” available on Amazon.



Elias Kasunga

Writter | Published Poet | Debut poetry book “As I Cry Out to Heaven” currently on Amazon.