Elias Kasunga

sad faces and sisters crying,
what a bitter-sweet feeling,
our brother is dead,
but Jesus just walked in.

it’s been four days Lord,
and our brother is now stinking,
but your word is life,
it’s in your word we believ
e in.”

come out!
our good Lord started shouting,
calling the dead back to life,
calling our brother from the cave into light,
Lazarus is not dead,
Lazarus was just sleeping.


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Love is the only thing that puts us together
it is the only thing between a perfect God
and an ever-sinful man like me.

Love is what held a Messiah to the cross,
it wasn’t the six-inch nails as they made us believe,
Love is what made God give,
it’s what made a self-sufficient God run to me
as if I had anything to offer as a favor.

Love is a man, who died for me innocently,
Love is a God, who rose for me victoriously,
Love has a name, Jesus.




Tell me this

how can a person be

this clumsy and classy

this fabulous and messy

at the same time?


You are beautiful

comfortable in overalls

although sometimes

you come out dressy

just amazing


How can you be loving

yet crazy

sometimes an early bird

but mostly lazy

how can this be?


You are exactly who I want to please

exactly who I want to kiss

and even though

you are really moody

you’re still the one

I’d love to marry.




Tell to stop

when you see me go overboard

with you

I don’t want to overstep.


My love may be confusing

to you

and I don’t want to be rude

for my love language

is different from yours.


I want to love you right

and also treat you right

I want to give

more than I expect to receive

from you.


Don’t run away

not physically nor emotionally

don’t commit to a relationship

but please commit to me

because I am committed to you.




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I wish I knew this earlier

that time was indeed in our favor,

I wouldn’t have rushed this,

I would’ve let love take its course as it pleased,

the hurry,

the pain,

the unspoken feelings of shame,

all the ego I carried,

don’t make sense now as I reflect,


I cannot go back in time,

I can only regret and feel lonely at times,

I can only wish you back,

hoping that we make our future brighter on the foundation of time lost and our past,

and tomorrow,

a promising start will indeed suffice,

for love always resurrects when there is a death of pride.




Elias Kasunga

Elias Kasunga

Published Poet | Debut poetry book “As I Cry Out to Heaven” currently on Amazon